My writing career started as an ends to a means, trying to secure pencilling assignments for Marvel Comics. When that happened, I stopped using words an kept drawing. Thirty-three years later, and more than two score of fleshed out stories screaming in my mind, I restarted what I tossed aside in pursuit of sharing these novels and scripts with others.

The Write-a-thon is back!

Another year and another ambitious effort in writing and fundraising for Clarion West.
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Collections of all the books, audiobooks, graphic novels, and collected trades from the year. It's an ongoing list, and I'm always adding to it.

A bookshelf of novels, biographies, graphic novels, and some philosoph books.

The Book

For 10,000-years, one mystery unified seven homeworlds. Escaping the inexplicable collapse of her planet, Celia Vickers hunts for answers to ancient secrets, before they tear the galaxy apart.

With the Galactic Union in tatters, Cadet Captain Celia Vickers and her untested crew break their oaths of duty to seek the truth about the inexplicable collapse of her planet. In that fiery chaos, they rescue an enigmatic man. Someone she believes linked to a 10,000-year-old mystery. Something connecting the seven Union homeworlds. Now caught in the crosshairs of powerful enemies, Celia’s quirky team tests her leadership as she struggles with self-doubt and heartbreak—and betrayal. Then, in a last ditch effort to determine the stranger’s origin, they uncover an interdimensional plot poised to upend the galaxy.

Blackfire, is a 193,000-word, high-action, epic science fiction/fantasy, combining the entrenched machinations of Dune with the grim realities of Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law series, and a splash of Sicario. The story originated during my years as a writer and artist for Marvel and DC, while a large amount of the setting came from living in Manhattan through the 9/11 attacks and its aftermath.

About me

My home is in Asheville, North Carolina where I'm highly involved in the writing and comic book communities through the Flatiron Writer’s Room, Mountain Writer’s Wrant group, and Beer City ComicCon. On larger level, I participate and assist in the continued development of Clarion West’s annual Write-a-Thon, and host of the weekly Big Story Podcast, interviewing the most amazing writers and artists.

Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in my writing and fundraising effort for Clarion West this year. They're an amazing organization that supports underserved voices in speculative fiction.

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Set across five different comic book worlds, United Forces Crashover is a fun, fish out of water, interdimensional adventure. The Crashover Mini-Series is, Bill & Ted meets the Into the SpiderVerse, mixed with the unpredictable turns of Rick & Morty; and for good measure add one portal and one demon to get an Avengers Endgame conclusion shot through the lense of Army of Darkness.

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The Comic

United Forces; Crashover, part one of a four issue limited series was the brainchild of Gary Dufner. Gary asked a few guests who's comics he liked if they would collaborate on a comic. After they said yes, Gary asked me to write it. The novelty of a one issue fun-fest gave way to the intention of telling a big story in a limited run.

Against convention we ran our Kickstarter campaign from Thanksgiving to Christmas and reached 136% funding. We've also connected five different comic reader groups to build each creator's fan base. So far, so good. Issue two is already in the pipeline with a new group of creators to carry on the Crashover storyline as it thunders toward a never before seen conclusion intended to entertain the readership of thirteen different comic books!

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The Burnbox

I have my professional fingers in writing, design, and illustration, but my interests range far and wide. Comic books (obviously), backpacking, bocce, skiing, reading, fly fishing, film, competitive shooting, wood working, economics, anthropology, and travel—to name a few. So, what feels like eons ago, I started The Burnbox. A repository of my thoughts and interests. Social media supplanted this as my chief outlet, but I'm correcting that. I've moved as many of my old posts I have here and will add to them with some renewed frequency. Enjoy!

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