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The Podcast

In the summer of 2019, while my wife attended an artist’s residency in Ireland, I collected my comic book loving art college friends to join in on a weekly on-line art and BS jam. In a couple months we asked other talented School if Visual Arts friends to be guests. Soon we ventured outside our collegiate circle to invite others in the comic book industry.

Before we knew it, the regular get-together became a proper show and the
Big Story Podcast was born. Over years of organic growth, a simple mission evolve; Track the guest’s creative journey, inspiration, and process.

About Alex

I am the founder of the Big Story Podcast and co-founder of the Mountain Writers Wrant writing group in Asheville, NC. I spent a decade writing and pencilling for Marvel, DC Comics, then twice as many years working as an art director and designer for Fortun 500 brands before authoring speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels—and more comic books.


Thanks to so many amazing guest, and especially Phil, Steve, John, and Gary for sharing their talents and valuable time. I shall strive to improve and carry on the conversation.

Get in touch

Have a guest suggestion? Idea for the show? Or want to be guest yourself? Please send an email.
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Feature episode

Clarion West Write-a-thon 2021

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in my writing and fundraising effort for Clarion West this year. They're an amazing organization that supports underserved voices in speculative fiction.


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