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Fantastic comic books are visual and written magic, iconic character designs applied to twenty-two pages of sequential art— all wrapped in a killer cover with a striking trade dressing. Alex has decades of experience creating comic books from front-to-back and everything in-between for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image comics.

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Comic Book Projects

The best comic books transcend their pages and live in the zeitgeist. They can become, swag, toys, television, and movies. And with three decades as a professional comic book, graphic design, art direction, and writing experience Alex can create that killer cover, amazing story, memorable character design, licensing artwork, or a new trade-dressing logo to take your upcoming project to the next level.

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Retailer Exclusive Variants

Comic book retailers are the backbone of the industry. Alex loves visiting stores wherever he goes, bringing special retailers onto the podcast as guests, and creating Retailer Exclusive Variant covers to promote a favorite title and their shop!

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Private Commissions

If you want a favorite character brought to life, then check out Alex’s commission page and get on the list.

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Ever wonder about the brilliant people who create all these fantastic comics? Well, check out the Big Story Podcast. Alex hosts this weekly interview and art podcast with amazing guests from across the comic biz!

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