I'm excited to write for the Write-a-thon fundraiser for the third year in a row.

No revelation here, but writing is a hard and lonely pursuit. That's one of the reasons I participate in the WAT, to share my progress with friends, family, and anyone who will listen. Knowing people like you have my back drives me. That support helped me complete my first novel, Blackfire, and send it out on submission with agents.

So there's no better time to draft the sequel, Ghost Wing. Sure I'd write this anyway, but if my hard work and creative frustration can raise money for Clarion West, then I'm happy to share the struggle.

My goals are ambitious. Some would say ridiculous. I want to write 60,000 words* for the new book, and raise over $2,000 for Clarion West. You can follow the daily progress on my Fundraiser Page, Substack, and twitter

Please read the Sample Chapter, take a look at Group Stretch Goals, Individual Benefits, and consider making a donation in my name to help support underserved writers.

UPDATE *Between work, the writing, and life, I've revised my in order to have some semblance of weekend during the WAT. I hope you understand my instinct for survival.
Group Donation Stretch Goals
The more donated, the more everyone receives from the list below

$0-$100: My endless thanks for supporting me.

$250+: I’ll post the first 21 reader chapters of my first novel, Blackfire on the writing section of my website. That’s one every-other day.

$500+: Above, plus I’ll post original character sketches on the writing section of my website.

$1000+: Above, plus I’ll post an original full-color character illustration on my website—following Write-a-thon.

$5000+: Everything above, plus I’ll post an original full-color annotated galaxy map for the series on my website—following Write-a-thon.
Individual Donation Benefits
The more you donate, the more you receive from the list below

$50+: I’ll email you a PDF of all 21 reader chapters—following Write-a-thon.

$100+: Above, plus I’ll email you a hi-res digital character sketch—following Write-a-thon.

$500+: Above, plus I will email you a hi-res original digital character sketch of you choice—following Write-a-thon.

$1000+: Above, plus I will email you a reader copy of the Blackfire manuscript with a full-color illustration on the cover—following Write-a-thon.

$5000+: Everything above, plus the galaxy map included in the manuscript, and I’ll add your name to the Thank You section of the book when it’s published.
NOTE: If you're entitled to an Individual Donation Benefit, please contact me to make sure you receive it.
A color pencil character sketch of a humanoid cat warrior with a gun.A color pencil character sketch of a young male spacecraft pilot smiling toward us.A color pencil character sketch of a gray/green skin humanoid creature with tusks and pointed ears.A color pencil character sketch of a humanoid figure in space armor, with four arms.A color pencil character sketch of a towering, six-sided, geometric obelisk.A pencil drawing of the captain of the Dragonfly and main character of the Unity Song Series, Celia Vickers holding a futuristic sniper rifle.A pencil drawing of enigmatic Enari warrior and key to the future, Finwë resting his sword over his shoulder.A pencil drawing of the troubled Maxtron Blain looking back at us over his shoulder.A pencil drawing of Celis'a ex-fiance and Captain in the Order of the Eclipse, Prince Hunter Damon.A pencil drawing of the mysterious and sexy agent for the Universal Church, Lively seated, leaning back, on a flight case.

Clarion West Write-a-thon 2023

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in my writing and fundraising effort for Clarion West this year. They're an amazing organization that supports underserved voices in speculative fiction.

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